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 Unavailable Picture Bases

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PostSubject: Unavailable Picture Bases   Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:02 am

Taken or Reserved:

*Kenny Omega

Staff Picture Bases:

*Adam Blampied - Aaron Paquet (Host of "The Smart Mark Show")

*Adam Pacitti  - Nick Russo (Co-host of "The Smart Mark Show")

*Billy Corgan - Dave Morrow Jr. (Chairman)

*Booker T - Jordan Smith (Commentator)

*Cathy Kelley - Cassie Morgan (Interviewer)

*Charly Caruso - Riley Harper (Interviewer)

*Corey Graves - Scott Astor (Commentator)

*Ian Riccaboni - Joey Fierro (Interviewer)

*Eric Bischoff - Shane Prescott (Investor)

*JBL - Avery Harrington (Host of "Talk The Talk")

*Jojo - Janelle Davis (Ring announcer)

*Josh Matthews - Johnny "Bravo" Peters (General Manager Personal Assistant)

*Karen Jarrett - Lauren Grace (CEO)

*Kid Cadet - Christy Lee (Interviewer)

*Mick Foley - Charlie Bates (General Manager)

*Nigel McGuiness - Aiden Dyson (Investor)

*Paul Heyman - Mark Rothstein (Investor and manager)

*Prince Nana - Sultan Musa (Host of "The Sultan's Palace")

*Steve Corino - Gene "Classic" Harrison (Commentator)

*Teddy Long - Martin Brown (Investor)

*The Pope - Isaiah "The Hustler" Lamar (Host of "The District")
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Unavailable Picture Bases
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